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Funding the Fizz!

Are you one of the estimated 100,000 people that got engaged over the Christmas period? If so congratulations 🥂. So much to do and plan between now and the big day.

With an estimated 147 million having been spent on engagement rings savings are probably going to be needed. (Figures from Harper’s Bizzaar).

When we got married nearly 5 years ago we knew we wanted to keep it small and intimate, we wanted everyone to enjoy our day as much as we were planning too. Our aim was to pay for everything including a free bar. However the nearer we got to the big day and the numbers increased we realised this wasnt going to be possible.

Nowadays pretty much anything goes. You can offer welcome drinks only, put some money behind the bar to pay for the first round or pay for everything (a mobile bar is an option to keep costs down).

The day really does fly, so relax, breathe, dance to your hearts content (if you so wish) and above all have an amazing day!

Wishing you all the best for the future.

Tam x

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